Effective Schools in Developing Countries (Routledge Library Editions: Education)

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This volume brings together eight case studies which describe a variety of initiatives to create more effective schools for children of poverty, especially in the Third World. The initiatives reviewed published and unpublished documents and both qualitative and statistical studies were examined. Each initiative was developed independently to address unique challenges and situations but taken as a group, the features of the approaches described in this volume can be viewed as a basis for considering the development of effective schools strategies in other contexts.

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Henry M Levin. Routledge Library Editions: Education consists of volumes by some of the greatest educationalists, teaching professionals and policy makers of the twentieth century. Learn more…. Routledge eBooks are available through VitalSource. These include The Future of the Multinational Enterprise paperback edition, ; Japanese edition, ; Korean edition, ; Anniversary edition, ; Chinese edition, ; 40th Anniversary edition and the Theory of the Multinational Enterprise based on the Uppsala Lectures in Business.

Google Scholar lists over 29, citations h index He has taught at undergraduate, postgraduate and post-experience levels in Britain and contributed to post-experience courses in the UK, China, India and elsewhere.

Routledge Library Editions Series

His current research interests centre on the theory of the multinational firm, knowledge management in multinational firms, the international transfer of technology, the impact of foreign direct investment particularly in China, and outward direct investment from emerging countries: China and India. In he was elected a Fellow of the AIB. Fellowships are limited to 50 world-wide and are awarded for outstanding achievements in international business.

The book presents qualitative, comparative research on the dynamics and constraints of these urban social movements, in a…. By Geoffrey Lean. This reissue, first published in , confronts a whole range of international development issues: hunger, energy, supply, population growth, pollution, the state of the cities, nuclear proliferation. Geoffrey Lean explains the interdependent contemporary crises within developing nations and….

By George M. First published in , this reissue explores contemporary United States foreign aid policies and thinking in the Reagan era. The author argues that aid policy is often confused as a result of bureaucratic decision-making processes. The book contrasts the experience of the many countries where…. By John P. Initially published in , this work deals with crucial aspects of development, including disparities in global patterns of production and consumption.

John Cole examines the exhaustion of non-renewable resources and the destruction of the natural environment and, on the potentially positive side…. Edited by T. First published in , this book is an attempt to examine the political determinants as opposed to the more usual emphasis upon consequences of contemporary population policy formation and action in developing countries, with particular reference to policy relating to family limitation.

First published in , this reissue deals with the theory of underdevelopment, as Dr.

Viviene Cree

By Dean Forbes. First published in , this title discusses the emergence of both the orthodox and political economy based approaches to underdevelopment in geography , critically assessing their strengths and weaknesses, and showing the relationship between intellectual developments and changing material….

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By John Sender , Sheila Smith. Routledge Library Editions: Development Routledge Library Editions: Development will re-issue works which address economic, political and social aspects of development. Musaazi This reissue, first published in , offers a comprehensive treatment of educational development in four countries in West and East Africa: Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The author focuses on the role of education in promoting or hindering national development; the way the educational… Paperback — Routledge Routledge Library Editions: Development.

Chandrasekhar First published in , this reissue deals with the problem of international tensions arising from demographic and fertility differences, with special reference to such heavily populated Asian countries as China, Japan and India. The authors argues that the approach to the question of development may be the key to understanding both the present and what… Paperback — Routledge Routledge Library Editions: Development.

Poverty, Progress and Development 1st Edition Edited by Paul-Marc Henry The studies of poverty, progress and development in this volume, first published in , by a distinguished international roster of authors and researchers, aim to increase knowledge of the social mechanisms of pauperization, marginalization, and the exclusion of certain categories of society; to… Paperback — Routledge Routledge Library Editions: Development. They also seek to outline the beginnings of a new approach, while not sparing from… Paperback — Routledge Routledge Library Editions: Development.

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Chandrasekhar First published in , this reissue deals with the crucial issue of population explosion, one of the most crucial problems facing the contemporary developing world. Development and the Debt Trap Economic Planning and External Borrowing in Ghana, 1st Edition By Andrzej Krassowski Ghana is one of the earliest and most serious examples of the build up of foreign debt by a developing country to support its policies for economic growth. This book, however, does not seek to add to this literature. Rather than re-emphasizing the persistence of poverty and suffering, the focus of the following chapters will be on the identification and analysis of change as opposed to continuity.

The most significant of the long-term changes in sub-Saharan Africa which are documented below are the emergence of capitalist social relations of production and the development of the productive forces.

Extensive reading: why it is good for our students… and for us.

The focus on relations and forces of production is derived from Marx's analysis of the origins and development of capitalism, an analysis which stresses the interaction of social, political and economic processes. The justification for the use of this analytical framework ultimately rests on the degree to which it is successful in illuminating the actual process of historical development, or, in the words of Dobb, 'on the extent to which it gives a shape to our picture of the process corresponding to the contours which the historical landscape proves to have' , 8.

For Marx, the preconditions for a transition to capitalism were 'that two very different kinds of commodity possessors must come face to face and into contact; on the one hand, the owners of money, means of production, means of subsistence, who are eager to increase the sum of values they possess, by buying other people's labour power; on the other hand, free labourers, the sellers of their own labour power' Marx , Thus, the origins of capitalist development were rooted in changes in ownership and control of the means of production.

The consequence of the establishment of capitalist social relations has been an unprecedented rate of technological change, a sustained improvement in the level of development of the productive forces. Changes in relations of produc-. An unknown error has occurred.

Keith Ewing. Transnational Governance.

General principles

Scott Mann. Development Geography. Rupert Hodder. Law and Development. John Hatchard.