A Hint of Truth

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  1. In every joke there's a hint of truth.
  2. A Hint of Truth
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This is less a reasoned position than an expression of faith.

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  3. 2nd John: Truth Without a Hint of Compromise.
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Chalmers resembles an officer exhorting his weary troops to keep charging forward, when even he suspects the battle is unwinnable. Philosophers should consider the possibility that discovering truth is not their strength and focus on other goals. Postscript : Except for me, the token amateur, all of the eight or so people who show up for the philosophy salon have advanced training in philosophy and most are honest-to-god professors of philosophy.

There was something odd about the faded, cracked paintings.

In every joke there's a hint of truth.

Finally it hit me: the paintings were bad, or, more precisely, not good, and yet they had somehow been preserved for half a millennium. How often do you see crappy year-old paintings hanging in museums? These were rarities! I studied them more carefully than if they were da Vincis or Michelangelos, trying to figure out what, precisely, made them so mediocre.

Was it the unpersuasive faces? The cartoonish landscapes?

Or some ineffable holistic quality? Pondering the bad art, philosophy, films, etc. Geertz once said that "progress" in anthropology "is marked less by a perfection of consensus than by a refinement of debate. What gets better is the precision with which we vex each other. Post-post-post-postscript : Members of my philosophy salon disagreed over whether methods of argumentation keep improving. One philosopher said he was struck, reading papers from the s and s, by how poorly reasoned they were. What is Philosophy's Point? If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.

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A Hint of Truth

In one study, literary fiction is said to better teach us values about social behavior. These are good things from unreal sources.

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So, when does a story have to be true to be effective? They feel betrayed.

Imagine finding out that the poignant story from your boss was not a personal life lesson, but rather a tale he carelessly plucked from a self-help book. Your motivation plummets to discouragement.


Smashwords – A Hint of Truth - A book by Michael Kantor - page 1

The lines between fact and fiction are fuzzier today than ever before. Our information sources have multiplied and our stories arrive faster and with considerable urgency. And with all the noise, there is a greater opportunity for embellishment. While stories do not need to be real to be effective, they can be more effective if the truth or the fiction , is disclosed upfront.

Think about reality television. The people are real, but the situations are not.

But when we discover a supposedly real story is contrived, we can feel cheated. And if it happens too often or in a monumental enough fashion, we start to doubt the source. Notable publications like the New York Times quickly post corrections when a piece of the truth is determined to be overstated or untrue. When we discovered news anchor Brian Williams exaggerated his story about being in a helicopter hit by an RPG in Iraq—he was actually flying behind the helicopter hit with an RPG—the world was furious with this trusted news anchor. Williams will never have the credibility or likeability he once had.

She seems genuinely angry, but some say it was a fabricated cautionary tale. She recently removed her wildly successful YouTube channel and Instagram photos because she deemed her online life ingenuine. It was based on the firsthand account of writer Mike Daisey who personally visited the factory with a translator, Cathy Lee. It turned out, Mike Daisey made much of it up. She also said that his embellishments were warranted. The lines may be blurry between being a writer and being a journalist. Altmetric -.

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PDF KB. Abstract Using Asimov's "A Whiff of Death" in discussions regarding the nature of science with nonscience students. Cited By. This article has not yet been cited by other publications. Pair your accounts.

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