Simulations and Reality in WYSIWYG Universes

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However, by the 18th century, Newtonian mechanics had become the accepted explanation by which any phenomenon could be explained in terms of a process proceeding from cause to effect. It provided the scientific rationale to Aristotle's philosophy and, as such, was thought to provide a deterministic description of physical reality. Although, in the context of this era, many would have preferred the following interpretation:.

God created the world as a perfect machine, which required no further interference. Of course, this may have only been acceptable to a deist , not a mainstream theist. However, as a consequence of this implied determinism, every event, including human cognition and action, had also to be causally determined by a series of events that led to the observed effect.

As such, he was effectively submerged in a view of reality dominated by the prevailing religious culture in which he lived. Therefore, it was natural that many seemingly unanswerable questions about the reality of the world had to ultimately be deferred to God.

[Dev] WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get

However, almost in contradiction to Newtonian science, most theological beliefs also implied a wider definition of reality, which had to include not only the existence of the ' physical world ' but also the existence of a ' metaphysical heaven ' that transcended the laws governing physical reality.

While some people still hold to this view, science, by its very nature is forced to seek some form of verification to any claim of a metaphysical extension to physical reality.

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Cosmology for a Different Computer Universe

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